Symposium om “Man & Sound Environment” 16 november 2017

Publicerad: 2017-11-06

Man and Sound environmentLjudmiljöcentrum vid Lunds universitet inbjuder till tvärvetenskapligt symposium ”Man & Sound Environment 2017 – Recent Soundscape Research”. The field of soundscape is a growing and active research field that covers the most suprising angles and aspects of sound. This symposium gives a glimpse of current soundscape related research in a wide array of disciplines like speech and music communication, logopedics, landscape architecture, ethnology, musicology, cultural science and acoustics. To the event

Ny avhandling om ljud och bullerhantering i landskapsarkitektur

Publicerad: 2017-11-06

Cerwén Sound in landscape architecture - a soundscape approach to noise - front_Sida_1

Short abstract:

This thesis is about sound in landscape architecture. The soundscape
concept is used to emphasise the experience of sound and discuss
design applications, particularly in noise-exposed situations. A set of
strategies and tools for the profession is introduced as a soundscape
approach to noise, where problems and possibilities are accounted
for. This approach is exemplified in a reference project that was built
and evaluated as part of the thesis. Read the thesis