Masking of the highway

Simplified simulation of how a roadside area can be experienced, depending on the design of the noise barrier and the vegetation. Exactly the same traffic noise has been used in two different scenarios. Especially aspen and other poplars in windy conditions give a strong masking effect. Visual aspects are also important. A noise barrier that is a completely straight raises associations to the road and the large and fast scale available there. An organic and human scale in the shape gives a naturalness that makes it easier to accept the masking.

Södervärns bus station, Malmö

Mask / Audio noise at Södervärns bus station, Malmö

A room of water noise creates variation in this traffic-intensive location and moves focus.

Gatukontoret, Malmö stad


Sound is more than just levels. The high noise of Gavleån are draining sounds from the transient road altogether, but the levels still doesn’t seem not to be intrusive.

Masking of the E10 in Abisko

In the clip, two cars passes, but the sound from the stream masks them almost completely.